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Opinion for the better, Obama Supports Gay Marriage!

Anna Minasyan

      President Barack Obama stating his personal opinion on supporting same sex marriage? Completely acceptable. Some argue, as our President, his opinion may taint the view of some citizens toward same sex marriage. However, he is one voice; he is not asking citizens to agree or disagree with his personal opinion. He simply felt the needed to express himself, and give reasoning as too why he feels this way.

Logically speaking, the First Amendment of the U.S. gives you the right of “freedom of speech.” If President Obama felt it was necessary to speak on such a controversial subject, his beliefs are protected by the first amendment. Just like the rest of us, he too can speak freely. Of course, his opinion will not make everyone happy, but he too has the right too express himself.

Although some believe his voice to support gay marriage is just an act to receive more votes on the upcoming election, it really does not seem that way. In his interview with ABC he stated strong feelings and logical explanations as too why he felt the way he did about Same Sex Marriage, and why he now supports it. 

The President said during an interview, "treat others the way you would want to be treated."We need to recognize that people are going to have differing views on marriage and those views, even if we disagree strongly, should be respected. Which I find, rather refreshing. To see a President strongly state his opinion shows that he is not a robot, he is human, and in fact, does have a heart.

I believe, President Obama has done a great deed by stating his personal opinion. It has been a long and hard fight for years to have equal rights in the United States. President Obama has taken the first step into attempting to fight for the rights of all U.S. citizens, by accepting Same Sex Marriage. 

Care for All or Care for None

 The universal health care law has quickly raised eyebrows all over America. Especially, in the United States Surpreme Court. This law states everyone across America can have Health Care… but wait! There’s a cost! The question remains unanswered, is this law unconstitutional? 

 Unbelievable to some, 45 million Americans are uninsured. CNN reports up to 45,000 Americans die each year because of not being able to afford seeking proper medical help. Not something you want too face right? But it’s true. Yes, universal health care would be great…but, have you thought of what it might cost you?

 Hah! You did know it was going to cost you, right? That’s right. With Universal health care, Hospitals would need more beds, and more money to provide procedures for sick patients. Meaning, more taxes! I know, I’m as sick of the word taxes as you are, but it’s true. However, money is not the only issue here. With this law in tact, Hospitals would be very crowded. Have no patience? You should fear.

 The Supreme Court is still indecisive about this law, still wondering if it would be a good idea or bad. If you ask me, the con’s beat the pro’s. Raised taxes, crowded Hospitals, and, more costs? I can only find one word for this law, Unconstitutional!

Lydia Grant, Here to Make a Change!

   An Education representative of over ten years for the city of Sunland/Tujunga, Lydia Grant stands loud and proud for her community’s beliefs. Dealing with student cases such as student truancy tickets, molestation cases, school safety, etc. Mrs. Grant is determined to make a change. She has taken a stand for every student and every parent who’s voice needed to be heard, but was not. Arguing the neighborhood council needs to be apart of the school’s as well, Lydia Grant makes it her full time job to ensure school issues are not ignored.

  Mrs. Grant stunned us all by informing us that there were over 47,000 truancy tickets written in a five year period mostly to Hispanic and African American students. Only for being five minutes late! The tickets? up too $500.

   ”Unbelievable, and unfair.” She stated. Arguing a high cost ticket was not going to make a student want to come to school, it was just going to make them hate coming to school! Making a strong and worthy point, she decided to make a change. With some help, she changed the municipal code for truancies. Extending it from five to ten minutes late to get a ticket, too thirty minutes to an hour late. 

  Changing the municipal code for truancies in favor of students, helping homeless children get backpacks, making sure school issues are not ignored, Mrs. Grant does her job, and does it well! She is a hard working woman with a goal. That goal is too make a change, for the better.

    “There are so many issues going on, not all can be taken care of, it takes armies of people.” States Mrs. Grant. Followed by a pause she then stated, “However, we as parents, students, and members of a community can in fact make a change if we stand together as one army, and if truly want too.” Mrs. Lydia Grant, A remarkable education representative, a hard worker, and an important part of the community.

Millionare’s Tax, Disagreed!

   A millionare’s tax? Meaning people who work hard for their money have to just give it away with paying more taxes? That’s absurd. It is highly unfair to tax someone “over the limit” to fix problems you (The Government) brought upon themselves. How do I know where my money is going? A question I’d ask someone in favor of this tax would be, Why do I have to mend what you have damaged, with my hard work and sweat?

 The issue will not be fixed with more taxes, the issue will only be fixed with rational spending. Since the people of power have not properly spent over the years, we are now in national debt. However, simply because the country is in debt does not mean you have to tax people who have worked very hard to get where they are at now; being millionares, or even less than that, having a quarter of a million dollars. Truthfully, nowadays in “rich” households, with even $250,000, each penny is counted and already spent. 

 A millionare’s tax would only discourage people. Think about it; students would think, “What is the point of working hard in school, if I have to pay most of what I make to the Government?” I mean, I would. It does not make sense. How do I know where the money I sweat for is going anyways? Honestly, how do I know that money is not going straight into the bank account of someone of higher power? This tax would only cause harm. Remember, we do not need more taxes. We just need less spending, and a better plan.